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The Girl with the Stars in her Eyes is available for preorder on Amazon

Part of my journey as a writer is discovering other authors of speculative fiction. I hope you will consider this book by Dawn Ford. It sounds awesome!

Release Day: April 12, 20

Eighteen-year-old servant girl Tambrynn is haunted by

more than her unusual silver hair and the star-shaped

pupils in her eyes. Her uncontrollable ability to call objects

leads the wolves who savagely murdered her mother right

to her door.

When she’s fired and outcast during a snowstorm, her

carriage wrecks and she’s forced to find refuge in an

abandoned cottage. There, her life is upended when the

magpie who’s stalked her for ten years transforms into a

man, Lucas. He’s her Watcher and they’re from a different

kingdom. His job is to keep her safe from her father, an evil

mage, who wants to steal her abilities, turn her into one of

his undead beasts, and become immortal himself.

Can they make it to the magical passageway and get to their

home kingdom in time for Tambrynn to thwart her father’s malicious plans?

Or will Tambrynn’s unique magic doom them all?

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